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Welcome to Panther Tales

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We find stories and craft them into engaging films that communicate to audiences on an emotional level.

A key challenge for business, especially small to medium businesses, is to be heard by their audience. The majority of marketing messages rely on standard approaches that get lost in the noise. There are new approaches to crafting communications based on the power of story that are more effective and can be applied by businesses of any size. Panther Tales, is a story consultancy that helps businesses to create an emotionally engaging connection with their audience. We help businesses to develop messages that audiences want to hear and respond to. We do this through film production, social media strategy and story workshops where we teach businesses how to find and develop their stories and apply them to their own communications.

Mother and child watching laptop

We work with socially positive organisations to communicate their impact, helping them to achieve sustainability through increased recognition.


Your organisation is trying to make a positive impact on your community, society, or the world.


We know what makes powerful stories, how to find them, how to construct them and how to tell them.


Stories are a powerful tool for improving our understanding of one-another.